Learn about recruitment, inclusive facilitation, and how to increase the participation of girls in sport by creating safe spaces within the sports industry. 
Average completion time: 2 hours.
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This module has been created to help you increase girls’ participation in sports for development and overall sports programs. The content of this module is tailor-made for coaches, formal and informal sports instructors, or anyone interested in engaging girls and women in sport. 

Re-imagine the world of sport
with The Breaking Barriers Academy 

Learn how to truly activate change:

Learn how to develop a commitment to action and empower your community to implement the necessary changes to promote gender equity. 

Hear from real experts:

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Listen in on the stories of real athletes, coaches, and leaders who are implementing gender inclusive tactics in their work. 
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Prepare to lead with confidence: 

Elevate your skills as a leader and equip yourself with adaptable tools that help you build inclusive spaces across industries. 


After a brief look at the current world of sport, including key facts and documented barriers
preventing girls from taking part in sports programs, you will focus on three main areas:
First, we will explore the world of access and recruitment, understand the factors that contribute to girls being able to access the pitch, and strategies to recruit new participants. 
Second, we will continue the journey through the concept of inclusion: how do we make sure that every girl is included, feels valued, and has the opportunity to play?
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Lastly, we will reflect critically about the sporting environment, re-thinking and learning how to re-design sports spaces to make them more gender-inclusive.


To address the cultural stigmas and systemic inequalities that women and girls face in sport every day, we partnered with gender equity experts Common Goal, Soccer Without Borders, and Women Win to develop the Breaking Barriers Academy.
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