Explore how to implement gender equitable practices across your organization by examining leadership, culture and mindset, and techniques to create safer spaces.
Average completion time: 2 hours.
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In this module, we’ll show you how to level the playing field by creating gender equity within organizations. It is tailor-made for staff members working in sports for development and sports entities, as well as anyone dedicated to making these organizations inclusive for everyone.

Re-imagine the world of sport
with The Breaking Barriers Academy 

Designed for real life:

Access tools developed on the ground by experts in the sport and gender equity spaces.

Build your leadership toolkit:

Strengthen your social and emotional skills to build a collaborative team.
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Bring your vision to life: 

Gain access to tools that will help you build an organization that matches your vision of gender equity and inclusion.


After a quick glance at the current sports landscape, where you’ll review key facts and documented
barriers preventing women from holding leadership positions, you will focus on three main areas: 
Firstly, we’ll focus on leaving outdated styles of leadership in the past. To make room for more women and girls stepping into leadership roles we’ll need to examine how past leadership has fallen short and redefine what today’s great leaders need to be.
Secondly, you will pay attention to your own organization’s mindset. This includes focusing on the importance of creating an inclusive and diverse environment for all staff members in which unique ideas, perspectives, and experiences are embraced. 
Lastly, you will delve into topics that will help you further build inclusive approaches to your organization’s policies and procedures. 


To address the cultural stigmas and systemic inequalities that women and girls face in sport every day, we partnered with gender equity experts streetfootballworld, Soccer Without Borders, and Women Win to develop the Breaking Barriers Academy.
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