Participate in capacity development training at an individual level with a focus on leadership, gender inclusive spaces, and coaching.
Average completion time: 2 hours.
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This module is all about furthering your developmental capacity as a leader. If you’re a coach or leader from the non-profit sector or any sports club or organization—or if you’re just interested in leading gender-sensitive activities—this module is for you.

Re-imagine the world of sport
with The Breaking Barriers Academy 

Gain transferable skills: 

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Elevate your skills as a leader and equip yourself with adaptable tools that will help you build inclusive spaces across industries. 

Benefit from self-paced instruction:

This course is designed to fit around your work and life schedule. Take your time learning about how to implement gender equity in sport. 
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Amplify your impact: 

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Arm yourself with the tools you need to create an environment where everyone flourishes. 


After a brief overview of the current world of sport, including key facts and documented barriers
that prevent women and girls from holding coaching positions, you will focus on three main areas: 
First, you’ll learn about the inspiring power of coaches and understand how they can be great mentors, role models, and teachers of life. You’ll also see how they can be pillars for their communities and societal leaders in their own right.
Second, you’ll learn how to build spaces where everyone, especially women and girls, feel comfortable contributing and taking up space - proudly.
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Lastly, you will continue your self-reflection journey by focusing on the coach’s role - how coaches shape outcomes for youth and why female coach role models are essential. 


To address the cultural stigmas and systemic inequalities that women and girls face in sport every day, we partnered with gender equity experts streetfootballworld, Soccer Without Borders, and Women Win to develop the Breaking Barriers Academy.
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