Girls benefit tremendously from sport participation in both the short-term and long-term however, a comprehensive European-level analysis of the barriers preventing access and equity for girls in sport does not exist. This research paper, developed in collaboration with topic experts Women Win and Common Goal, examines the state of girls’ sport in the EU looking at the barriers that limit and/or hinder sport participation, and the actionable opportunities that remain. 
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An exploration of the key hurdles to girls' participation in sport in Europe and opportunities that remain.
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adidas commitment

The adidas Breaking Barriers Project is a commitment to breaking down barriers for women and girls across Europe by working directly with nonprofit sports organizations, empowering local leaders and coaches, and by providing the sports industry with the necessary tools to lead change. No matter how you identify, where you come from, and what position you hold within the sports industry, we need you to join us and take meaningful action in making the world of sport a safer and more inclusive place for women and girls. Because when women and girls thrive, we all thrive.
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To address the cultural stigmas and systemic inequalities that women and girls face in sport every day, we partnered with gender equity experts streetfootballworld, Soccer Without Borders, and Women Win to develop the Breaking Barriers Academy.
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